RockSchool is a music lesson school, rehearsal room and a recording studio in Sofia and Varna. We teach guitar, drums, bass, piano, singing, heavy vocals, violin, studio recording and music theory. We also provide options for online lessons.

RockSchool is a project of "Music for Bulgaria" - a non-profit organization

Wall of Love

  • Learning music in RockSchool with such a great became one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. It changed my way of thinking.

    Maria - taking guitar lessons with Plamen Petrov

  • For music in the school i come to learn
    In the harmony pied to get involved
    The strings to pull with my long fingers
    For them to become snappy, helpful and nimble
    A new variety of music every day I meet
    Simple melodies to play I succeed
    Cute is when the music is obtained
    It is normal for the song sometimes to fail
    But if you gain an intense concentration,
    It remains for you to have a little motivation

    Ivailo Dobrev - taking bass lessons with Daniele Febbo