• Agapedia-Bulgaria's team believes that children deprived of parental care are as important as any all children on Earth. People in Agapedia work hard to get provide their children with opportunities to study and be accepted. They put a lot of effort in the development of children's personal talents. In RockSchool we support their initiative and we would like to give opportunities to more children to learn about music and get involved in the musical arts. We think of music as a universal language through which people can communicate freely. That's why we at RockSchool give free musical lessons to the children from Agapedia every week. They give us back a lot of smiles, inspiration, good vibes and love.

  • Podlezno are a group of idealists who turn neglected underpasses in Sofia into pieces of art. They created the first musical underpass in Bulgaria. We met each other and decided to work together in several art projects:

    - Our team helped them recording an original song and video clip.
    - We organized a musical event at The Stage, presenting common ideas and work.
    - Podlezno helped us with a project for art installation of our backyard, which we hope to realize soon.

    Our idea is to have long-term partnership with Podlezno contributing for love to arts to burn in more hearts.

  • The Stage, along with RockSchool, is also part of "Music for Bulgaria". The Stage is a space for the love of arts, the place can be used for concerts, rehearsals, workshops, discussions, seminars and any other kind of events which will help local music culture. We offer equipment for rent as well.

  • We've been together with Music Division since our very begining. We are bonded by our mission to support music, musicians and the development of Bulgarian music stage. The wonderful people of Music Division are professionals who always help us with the repair of our musical equipment, tips for buying equipment, discounts, etc. They are always very kind, positive and smiling. Also together we managed to organize a few educational workshops for various musical instruments.

  • We believe that every child should receive support to realize its dreams and desires; to express its views freely and to participate in decisions concerning his/her life. That's why in RockSchool we developed a volunteer program that empowers youths to participate fully in the development of the organization. We also give free lessons to disadvantaged children and support a wide range of social and educational causes. Our team participated the annual meeting organized by a National Network for Children. Together we decided to support joint activities that provide children with opportunities for wellbeing and personal development.

  • Telenor Bulgaria greatly contributed to the development of RockSchool. With their help:

    - We created The Stage - a place for concerts, workshops, discussions, thematic meetings and any other projects which support and develop arts and culture
    - We built a new website for RockSchool and The Stage
    - We made a major reconstruction of our recording studio - Urban House