Adventures 2016

We want to thank each one of you who helped us growing the local music scene in 2016. You are all inspiring!

These are our adventures and activities from 2016:

  • We gave over 14 500 music lessons in RockSchool (Sofia and Varna) to all people thirsty for music knowledge. We also gave over 350 music lessons free of charge to underprivileged children and other people with disadvantages
  • We hosted over 2 500 rehearsals at The Stage (Sofia) and RockSchool Varna
  • We organised 7 RockSchool Concerts in Sofia and Varna where over 250 students experienced the magic of playing on stage for the first time
  • We had our first volunteering program, giving opportunities for young and enthusiastic people to express themselves as artist-entrepreneurs
  • We hosted 22 concerts of young bands at The Stage and 5 charity concerts of various social purposes
  • We had 7 workshops at The Stage on the topics of "Onstage Behavior", "How to Capture The Audience", "Guidelines for Young Bands", "Rhodope Bagpipes", "Modern Bass Techniques with Andy Irvine" (in Sofia and Varna) and "The Traces People leave on The Planet"
  • We organised 10 workshops with free lessons at various locations around Sofia and Varna
  • We had 3 Open Doors Days during which we gave free lessons to all RockSchool guests
  • We hosted a bass workshop with the legendary bassist - Stu Hamm
  • We hosted 6 music themed birthday parties
  • We filmed and produced over 90 live videos of RockSchool students and bands
  • We launched websites for our concert venue - The Stage and our recording studio - Urban House
  • We created thUnderground - media for the underground scene in Bulgaria. We have already have published 16 videos with news and events.
  • We were included in Forbes's magazine "30 under 30" in category "business" for Drooble and RockSchool
  • We were guests in the TV show "Wake Up" on NOVA TV
  • BIT Television were our guests

Expect to have even more interesting and new things happening with us in 2017.

If you want to help us maintain and grow the music fire in the hearts of more people you can see how here.

Melina Krumova
Founder of RockSchool and foundation "Music for Bulgaria"