Adventures 2017

We want to thank each one of you who helped us growing the local music scene in 2017. You are all an inspiration to us! 

Here are our adventures for the past year:

  • We gave over 16 600 music lessons at RockSchool (Sofia and Varna) to musical dreamers of all ages as well as over 450 free music lessons to kids from orphanages and other disadvantaged people
  • We held over 3 100 rehearsals at The Stage (Sofia) and RockSchool Varna
  • We organized 9 big RockSchool Concerts in Sofia and Varna, where over 300 students experienced performing on stage for the first time
  • We had 67 musical birthdays
  • We hosted 25 concerts for young bands at The Stage and 5 more charity ones with different social purposes.
  • We held over 20 workshops on different musical topics in Sofia and Varna
  • We completed 4 big projects:

- Musical Revolution - A competition for self-written music, in which 12 artists and their songs were chosen for professional recording and were published in the compilation “Musical Revolution” on 700 CDs. The project was supported by Drooble and Varna - European Youth Capital 2017.

Music and me - a project that gave a musical start to young people coming from a vulnerable environment, introducing them to the basics of different musical instruments, recording and producing. For one week these young people had the opportunity to start their education in different musical instruments, recording and producing, choosing the one they are most interested in. There were 7 open zones for education where over 120 young people took part and 25 of them received scholarships to continue their music education at RockSchool Varna - The biggest private academy in the city. The young people were introduced to instruments like guitar, bass, piano, drums, violin, saxophone, etc. The project was supported by Varna - European Youth Capital 2017.

Scholarship for music education - With the support of foundation “America for Bulgaria", we organized a competition in which 12 people were selected to receive free music education at RockSchool for 6 months + free rehearsal spaces. There were over 100 candidates in the competition.

Start a music career - a project that aims to give an opportunity to 12 more artists to record in a professional studio their own song and to kickstart their music career. We take on the task to provide excellent conditions for recording and post production and afterwards to help the artist to promote their new single. The project is supported by “America for Bulgaria".

  • We organized 5 Open Doors Days, when we gave free lessons for all of RockSchool’s guests
  • We recorded and produced over 100 live videos for our students and bands
  • We started out “Backstage” series at thUnderground where we have had 5 interviews so far with artists from the Bulgarian music scene
  • We recorded and released a series of 28 educational videos - “Drum Series”, where out drum teacher Bozhidar Davidkov explains the basics of playing the drums
  • We made a commentary with Mirolyuba Benatova and Nova Television about RockSchool and Drooble

There are more adventures awaiting us in 2018 :)

We thank all people and organizations who supported our activities in 2017. If you would like to support us and help us contribute to the local music culture, you can see how to do it here.

Many thanks,
Melina Krumova
Founder of RockSchool and foundation “Music for Bulgaria"