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We have a gift for anyone who is already taking lessons with us on a musical instrument and wants to give us a hand in growing the RockSchool family!

It has been proven that we surround ourselves with people with similar interests and views of the world. And if you have chosen to play guitar, piano or drums, there is certainly at least one person among your friends who would also like to try to study music. And here's where your role comes in - help him take the first step!

For each of your friends, you bring to RockSchool to sign up for a lesson - you get a free lesson as a gift! And do you want us to tell you how to convince him to come? Tell him that his first lesson is half price - only BGN 13! He can also choose from over 20 types of music lessons and over 30 great teachers.

Do you know what is the best thing about this proposal? That it is valid indefinitely and there is no limit to the number of people you can bring! It is only important that you come together to RockSchool for your friend's first lesson or write to us at so that we know who brought whom and who should receive a gift. You are on the move!

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"Music for Bulgaria" is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and everyone who wants to develop their musical potential. Any donation goes for the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and for the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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