Drooble is an online platform for music, who we - the founders of RockSchool - developed, inspired by RockSchool. Drooble is a place, who connects all people world wide who love music. A place, that helps musicians develop their skills. A place, that gives them the freedom to share their knowledge and inspiration. Droobl is the same as RockSchool, but for the whole world.

In Drooble you can:

  • Find people for your band or find a band;
  • Share music with more people;
  • Jam with people all over the world over our platform, free, without installing any softwer;
  • Creat a band page or music buisness page;
  • Take online lessons and become better musicians;
  • Give lessons, share your knowledge and earn a living around music.

This is only the begining.

Creating an account in Drooble is free and takes only a few minutes.

You can see more for Drooble in this video: