Here you can see all of our ideas that have yet to be made due to a shortage of funds. All these mini-projects would contribute to the development of RockSchool and would help us fulfill our mission in supporting the Bulgarian music scene much better.

If you find yourself in one of these ideas and you support us, we will be extremely grateful and will give you everything we can in return for your help.

  • Creative residence

    310 funded of BGN 15 000 needed
    Donate for the idea

    RockSchool is growing fast and one rehearsing area is no longer enough. Our rehearsing room works at full capacity and we need to build and equip a second one.

    There is a very good spot in our backyard that can be rented but we need financial help because we are constantly expanding, improving our services, giving free lessons and scholarships to talented or disabled people and the money is not enough for everything we want to do.

    We also plan to give rehearsal scholarships to artists who can't afford it in the new rehearsal we will begin giving free rehearsals.

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  • New amplifiers for rehearsals and concerts

    760 funded of BGN 7400 needed
    Donate for the idea

    We have more and more rehearsals and concerts that take place in The Stage. The sound of the guitars, however, is not good at all, because the amplifiers that we are currently using are suitable for music lessons, but not for concerts and rehearsals. We rent our venue at a very low price so that young bands and other performers can have exposure and we can't earn the money we need to buy better equipment.

    Apart from this - for each one of our RockSchool concerts that take place in larger clubs and halls, we always need to hire professional amplifiers that cost us BGN 500 per concert, which means that we spend between 2000 and BGN 2500 per year. If we have our own amplifiers, this cost will drop and we could do more concerts.

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