New rehearsing space

RockSchool is growing fast and one rehearsing area is no longer enough. Our rehearsing room works at full capacity and we need to build and equip a second one.

There is a very good spot in our backyard that can be rented but we need financial help because we are constantly expanding, improving our services, giving free lessons and scholarships to talented or disabled people and the money is not enough for everything we want to do.

We also plan to give rehearsal scholarships to artists who can't afford it in the new rehearsal we will begin giving free rehearsals.

The room needs:

  • Painting and carpeting - BGN 1000
  • Repair of bathroom - BGN 500
  • Curtains - BGN 100
  • Chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture - BGN 2000
  • Drum set + cymbals + drum pedals - BGN 3618
  • Sound insulation - BGN 1000 - 23.5 BGN/sq
  • 2 Guitar amplifiers - BGN 3000
  • Bass amplifier - BGN 1000
  • P.A. System  - BGN 800
  • 2 vocal microphones - BGN 483

310 funded of BGN 13 501


Donations and Taxes

Donations are tax deductible. For example: you owe the state BGN 1 000 in taxes.

  • If you are a company and you donate BGN 100 (10% of your tax) to us, we will issue you a certificate of donation and you already owe the state BGN 900. The maximum reduction of taxes is 10% of the tax.
  • if you are an individual - the maximum reduction is 5% of the tax. If you owe BGN 1 000 you can donate BGN 50 of them.

You can find more information HERE :)

In return for your donations you can get:

For donations between BGN 100 and BGN 500


For donationsbetween BGN 500 and BGN 2 500


For donations above BGN 2 500

  • RockSchool T-shirt
  • 35% permanent discount for music lessons for you and your employees
  • 40% permanent discount for rehearsals for you and your employees
  • 40% permanent discount when renting The Stage for events
  • 30% permanent discount for recording in our recording studio
  • We will put your logo on our website here and here
  • We will put up a sign with your logo in The Stage where everyone can see it.