Individual lessons for children under 6

Music develops a series of skills in one child - confidence, creativity, discipline, will, communication skills. One of the latest studies at the University of California proves that children attending music lessons show 27% higher academic scores later than their peers who do not attend such lessons. We believe that the sooner a child will enter the music world, the better the results will be demonstrated.That is why we are starting a new initiative at Rockschool-  individual lessons for children under 6 years old.

Are not they too young for music lessons?
Many professionals in the field of child development has the opinion that early beginning is not only possible but also better reflects a child and helps him learn way faster.

Even at a younger age, children can touch the wonderful world of music attending only lessons and enrich their musical feelings.

What will the lessons be?
Lessons will seek to provoke attitude and interest in music, culture, sense of rhythm, confidence and synchronization. Step by step kids will go to lessons with simpler and smaller musical instruments.

In Rockschool we teach guitar, uckulele, piano, percussion instruments, singing, bass, violin and more.

Our idea is to awaken children's understanding and correct perception of music. Then, we can move to a musical instrument that is suited to their age and physics. We have small music instruments adapted to children and their capabilities.

More and more parents book music lessons for their kids as this stimulates their creativity, thinking and physical coordination.

According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, musical intelligence is equally important for intelligence in mathematics, language, space, body, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Early music lessons can help cognitive development of young children.
  • Early music education reflects those parts of the brain that are responsible for thinking and speaking language.
  • Recent research has shown that music exercises physically develop part of the left brain hemisphere, which is involved in the processing of the language.
  • Music reduces stress and develops imagination and creativity.
  • Music lessons improve concentration

When will the lessons take place?
You can check the availablity of our teachers through our website or by calling 0887 6666 22. After you know the availability of a teacher it is totally up to you when you will book a lesson.

How long does a lesson last?
The duration of a lesson is 40 minutes.

What is the price?
The price for one lesson is 20 BGN, giving you the opportunity to prepay a few lessons ahead or pay separately for each next one. The first lesson is priced at 12 BGN. When you prepay 10 lessons - you get one free.