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  • Rhythm
  • Reading and writing music text in the two most used music keys

Music hearing

  • Recognition of: intervals; triads; quatrains and other complex chords; chords in turns; diatonic chord progressions; tonal chord progressions with added external chords
  • Rhythmic dictations
  • Melodic dictations: unanimous; two voices
  • Complex dictation: melody recording, chord progression and movements in the lowest voice - bass
  • Intonation (singing): intervals, arpeggios of triads and complex chords in basic positions and inversions; melody intonation (traditional and C mobile system); diatonic solfeggios and solfeggios with external tones, modulations; intonation of old frets
  • Development of relative hearing


In the time allotted for Harmony, all the above topics and exercises will be considered and analyzed theoretically:

  • Intervals; triads; quatrains and other complex chords; the harmonic and melodic position of the chords
  • Tonality, tonal circles
  • Enharmism
  • Harmonization of major and minor tonalities - functions of the chords - Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant function - primary and secondary. Smooth voting. Cadences
  • Modulations. Lateral dominants. Intermodal exchanges. Chord - scales
  • Harmonious analysis of various musical works


  • Depending on the group and each student - additional activities will be added to help learn and make sense of the material.
  • Classes are held in small groups - up to 10 participants.
  • The curriculum provides for 3 modules - each, with a duration of 40 teaching hours.
  • Classes are within two school hours (50 minutes with a break) and are held once a week.
  • The course is suitable for singers and instrumentalists - beginners and advanced.
  • Price of the course: BGN 400. (for the first level). It is possible to pay in two installments.
  • Dates of the event will be determined when forming a group, depending on the preferences of the students.
  • * If necessary - a formal exam will determine the level of each student.


Daniele Phebbo was born in Sofia in 1993. He started as an amateur, but quickly reoriented himself to delve into the art of music. He went to Italy and studied for three years in Rome at one of the most specialized jazz academies in the country - Saint Louis College of Music (Rome). He has been in Bulgaria again for 4 years and is graduating from the National Academy of Music, Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”with jazz bass guitar. He is currently an active musician, practicing mainly in the capital. Known as a regular bassist in Blue Moon (jazz quartet) and bassist / bandleader in the Y Jazz project, with which he won first prize at the "Youth Jazz Competition" in Plovdiv in 2018. Participates in numerous collaborations with younger colleagues and already established names from the Bulgarian jazz scene.

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