Individual lessons

It's up to you to choose which teacher you want. All of our teachers can attend your rehearsals or recordings and help you with his opinion and experience. For an hour you can get experience that has been synthesized for years :)

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  • You choose the teacher who will be on the rehearsal
  • We work every day (including Saturday and Sunday) from 10:00 to 22:00 o'clock.
  • Rehearsal are held in The Stage
  • Bring your own cables, picks and drumsticks
  • Don't smoke in the rehearsal room because the acoustic isolation absorbs the smoke as good as it absorbs the sound
  • Leave the place looking the same way you found it
  • Don't open the windows while playing. The grannies in the neighbourhood sleep all day long
  • Don't spill - a danger of high voltage!
  • You break it, you buy it :)

Book your rehearsal with a mentor now: 0887 6666 22