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Starting with the most important technical knowledge and skills you will learn about:

  • History and development over the years
  • Principles in sound recording
  • Types of sound recording and their various applications
  • Housing and introduction to acoustics
  • Instruments and instrumentalists
  • Cables, microphones, processors (dynamic and effects) and their application
  • Hardware and Software - in technology and in people
  • Understanding and entering the principles of mixing consoles, signal conversion (AD / DA) and music software
  • Relationships and оbligations of participants (education and culture)
  • Record, mix and master
  • Music production
  • Institutions
  • Ethics, idea and advertising
  • The reality in the music process
  • In the course musicians, sound engineers and beginners will have the opportunity to participate and realize a music product.


  • Every lesson lasts 55 minutes
  • It is up to the students how often they choose to take lessons
  • Individual lessons are given every day (including Saturday and Sunday) from 09:00 to 22:00
  • The lessons are taught by Anton Hristov
  • If you cannot make it for a lesson that has already been booked and fail to call one day in advance, you must pay for the lesson
  • We also offer gift certificates
  • Online lesson is an option


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