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A day in the world of music - Package "Standard"

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160 BGN
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A day in the world of music is a unique experience that will help you rediscover music in a fascinating and unforgettable way. You may be able to try a variety of musical instruments, play a rehearsal and experience the feeling of recording in a professional studio. All this served with a lot of attention and love for music by our team! This is a suitable gift for anyone who wants to learn to play or is already doing it regardless of their level of progress.


Package "Standard" includes:

  • 6 different music lessons for 30 minutes each
  • 60 min playing in a professional rehearsal room
  • 30 min studio tour and presentation of the basic principles of sound recording and post-production
  • Welcome gift package - RockSchool T-shirt, refreshing drink and chocolate
  • Price: BGN 160


More information:

  • You can choose lessons on 6 musical instruments from those offered at RockSchool or choose less lessons, but spend more time on each
  • The rehearsal has professional musical instruments and sound system that can be used as part of packages
  • In the recording studio, you will work with a professional sound engineer and you can use the available high-quality equipment for free.
  • In each recording is included up to 1 hour after production, after which you will receive a .wav file by email
  • You can bring up to 2 people with you during the experience, who can optionally join the activities we offer.
  • The date of the experience must be booked at least 7 days in advance so that we can guarantee all activities
  • A day in the world of music can be purchased online or on-site at the reception of RockSchool
  • Аday in the world of music is held only on-site at RockSchool - Sofia, 89 Hristo Botev Blvd.

If you have additional questions or are looking to make a reservation - do not hesitate to contact us at

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"Music for Bulgaria" is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and everyone who wants to develop their musical potential. Any donation goes for the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and for the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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