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Learning a musical instrument is very similar to learning a new language. It is more important to learn words and phrases that you can apply in a conversation quickly than to know dry grammar or theory. So it is with music. Everyone just wants to be able to play their favorite songs! Of course, it's never as simple as it seems. But if after each lesson you hear a familiar melody being born from your fingers - there is nothing to stop you!

The RockSchool Guitar Course will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the guitar led by one of our professional teachers. Within 20 guitar lessons you will learn to play 10 songs. We have selected the first 7 of them to help you develop the key knowledge and skills you need. And the last 3 songs will be your choice!

Here is our proposal for a sample training program:

  1. Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
  2. Californication - Red Hot
  3. Don't cry - GnR
  4. Come as you are - Nirvana
  5. Sweet Child - GnR
  6. I stand alone - Godsmack
  7. Symphony of destruction - Megadeth
  8. A song of your choice
  9. A song of your choice
  10. A song of your choice

The RockSchool Guitar Course is a great gift for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar and start their musical adventure in a fascinating and accessible way.

More information:

  • You can choose from any of the available guitar teachers at RockSchool
  • The service can be purchased online, or on-site at the reception of RockSchool.
  • All lessons are held on-site at RockSchool - Sofia, 89 Hristo Botev Blvd. or online

If you have additional questions or want to make a reservation - do not hesitate to contact us at

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