How long have you been involved in music and how did you decide to start?
I started playing the violin and solfeggio at the age of 5, directed and supported by my parents, who are musicians by profession. My father is a violinist and my mother is a solfeggio teacher.

Which song do you remember most vividly from your childhood?
I remember when I was in the 4th grade of the music school, in the break, four high school students from the high school enthusiastically entered the room and sang in four voices the chorus from "We will hug again" of the FSB, while one of them accompanied the piano. It was something different and contagious.

Who are the artists you have listened to and played the most?
Of the classical music, the closest to me to play are Bach and Chopin, I like Glenn Gould's interpretations. In jazz, the most studied pianists from me are Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Russell Ferrante, and Billy Childs, and from the more modern ones Robert Glasper. I also really like the music of contemporary jazz vocalists Kirt Elling and Gregory Porter. As a listener, I have a much wider range of styles, instruments and performers.

In which musical style are you most advanced?
In jazz mostly, but I always rely on the classics, I find a lot in common between them.

What does music give you?
It gives me freedom and a setting for creativity, a sense of independence and confidence.

Why did you decide to start teaching music?
It gives me pleasure to share what I can pass on to another in a direction consistent with his perception algorithm. In this communication, there is a two-way exchange of exchange. Every single question or overcoming difficulty makes me pay attention to myself, reflects favorably on my development as a musician and a person.

What is the most important thing to learn in music?
Studying music helps to get to know life and our own essence in the abstract. It reflects these two sides and has the ability to connect them. The study of its laws is also an entry into a sphere of subtle interconnections, which are everywhere outside it.

What about Rockschool for you?
Rockschool for me is a necessity for our time an alternative to traditional music education, which has it outside Bulgaria. I am glad that this is happening with us as well and that I have the opportunity to be in his support. Academic education, along with its advantages, contains the premise that it is not flexible enough when it is needed.

Which music is valuable to you?
For me, the value of music is related to the spiritual and aesthetic potential inherent in it. Hence, the quality in various aspects of its realization is of great importance, for which talent and work give theirs.

What's the most extravagant thing you've heard lately?
I remember that I soon had the opportunity to meet an author named Uri Caine and his orchestral arrangement of Beethoven's Dibelius Variations. Surprising and very masterful deviation in intonations with a modern sound, some of them coming from jazz.

Do you have a dream related to music?
I dream of realizing some of my latest jazz and classical compositions, but I'm starting to dream more of a good teaching result.

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