About Me

In 2011 when the band IMPADE was born, I became more involved with music. My first experiments in the field of sound engineering date back to that period because even then I was very intrigued by the process of audio editing and processing.

For me the work of the sound engineer is the perfect combination of the technical and the creative in music. I'm not afraid to experiment and to give extra effort for creating sound with a character. I have no tolerence toward low quality and drum samples. I try to provoke creativity in the musicians and myself. I'm always with a friendly and positive attitude towards the artists so that they can give everything they've got. I think that the "magic" in the studio happens when there is a coherent bond between the artist and the studio engineer. Every recording is an adventure.You can often find me experimenting with strange microphones and unusual equipment in the studio.


  • Album IMPADE - “Compendium De Terra” - sound engineer
  • Album Escape From Inferno - “Fragments of a Fragile Eternity” - recording, mix and master
  • Single - In Between - “The Light at Night” - recording and mix
  • ŸSingle - In Between - “Five Years Younger” - recording and mix
  • Single - Rejuvenation - “The Conditioned Quest” - mix and master
  • A many others, including life recordings.

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