How long have you been involved in music and how did you decide to start?
I have been involved in music since early childhood. I started singing at school shows, then I had the opportunity to join the show "Like Lions", albeit for a short time. This turned me on a lot and I haven't left the music for a second since.

Which song do you remember most vividly from your childhood?
Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune. Viewed from our days is a bit "worn out", but it has given me a lot. I have performed it dozens of times on stage and to this day I have a relationship with it.

Who are the artists you have listened to and played the most?
I've done cover versions of Nirvana, Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine. I have experience with covers of more jazz-oriented songs, but I will keep this list for another time. (laughing)

In which musical style are you most advanced?
For the last time, my gaze settled on an alternative genre.

What does music give you?
It gives me inspiration and faith. I believe in real music.

Why did you decide to start teaching music?
Because I think that for my experience in music so far I have acquired skills that I can pass on to someone.

What is the most important thing to learn in music?
Maybe it's building a value system and attitude towards music. If you have these two things, sooner or later everything else will fall into place.

Which music is valuable to you?
Any music that can touch you emotionally.

What's the most extravagant thing you've heard lately?
Some time ago I met the music of a Korean singer Youn Sun Nah. I have the feeling that nothing can surprise me after her.

Do you have a dream related to music?
This will be a dream that comes true for a lifetime. I want to build an individual style. On making music and performing. At the moment, I believe that I have built a specific in many respects, but I am of the opinion that there is always room for improvement.

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