As a child, a friend gave him a CD of the band Metallica from their concert with an orchestra. He still did not know what they looked like when he was irreversibly conquered by their music. Soon after, he found out about Nightwish and liked the sound of the stroke of the violina. Then he got his first guitar and began learning his favorite songs by ear. Along with learning the guitar as a hobby, Boyan played the trumpet in the school wind orchestra. There he learned his first notes and understood what it's like to play with more musicians. At that time, he found a Jason Newsted's tape and in that moment he was sure that he wanted to play the bass guitar.


In 2015, Boyan applied at the National Music Academy, specializing in pop and jazz bass guitar. He likes to listen to music of all styles, because according to him, every style can give a musician something that would be useful and enriching.


He has performed at various festivals all over Bulgaria. Some of them are Bella Rock Fest in Petrich and Rock in Rila in the village of Beli Iskar.


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