Cvetelina has sung with the majority of bulgarian jazz musicians and groups such as: Michal Josifov, Angel Zaberski – son, Velislav Stoqnov, Veselin Veselinov – Eco, Kalin Veliov, Plamen Petrov, “Akara”, “Brazz Vili DJ”, “Rubikub”. She has performed in many places in Bulgaria and Europe, and has participated in the festivals: Apollonia Festival of Arts 2005 and 2010, Park Life Fest 2009, Burgas Bluss Festival, Sunday Art Report, Nepal Jazz Fest, Brazzobrazie 2012, Soley 2012, Elevation 2012, Sofia Pride 2012, Spirit of Burgas 2012, In the Center 2013, Francofolies 2015. In the last five years she is building an independent musical career and her songs “Our Dance”, “I do not know what”, “Missis Wizard”, “Un, deux, trois”, “Tup tup song”, “May song” have reached top ranks in Bulgarian music charts.


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