After a year of private lessons, in 2012, Daniele went to Rome, Italy, where he studied for three years in the Saint Louis College Of Music.


"When I started playing my first band was a (groove) metal band. That was my style back then and I carried on with that for some years. When I went to Italy, again without a clue, I signed up for a course of Jazz. That changed my approach to music dramatically. I fell in love with this music and it opened up numerous doors for me. I started discovering and most importantly liking more and more genres in music. For my experiences I played in more than 15 bands throughout the years I spent in Italy, mainly playing jazz. I had a duo with a singer back then too. Since I’ve returned to Sofia I am mainly playing the part of guest musician in different bands. One of my latest experiences is working with Lucas Masciano, a songwriter from Argentina".


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