Joro starts singing lessons when he is only 5 years old with the opera singer Vartuhi Sarkysiyan. He was noticed by the famous conductor Levon Manukyan who takes him under his wing and soon enough Joro becomes soloist of all his concerts in big halls and amphitheaters. The Broadway Performance Club producer chooses Joro for the title role in the musical Grease, which performances are played in all parts of Bulgaria and many countries in Europe.

Joro was accepted in Luben Groys Theatre College in the class of Georgi Novakov and a year later signs for a second diploma in St. Climent Ohridski University – one for music pedagogy and classical singing in the class of prof. Ilka Popova. He was then invited to sing on the concert Night By The Stars, organized by worldwide famous acrobat Encho Keryazov and his foundation in Arena Armeec hall. Now Joro is happy that he has the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge with other people.


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