Krassimir's neverending thirst for knowledge took him on a journey through many different music genres. This improved his music skills and developed his style. Through the years he gained substantial knowledge about playing rock, blues, jazz, gipsy jazz and acoustic music. People who inspired him and made him move forward with his creativity are Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Tommy Emmanuel, Gary Moore, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Snarky Puppy and others.


First he graduates from the Pop department in BDK. After an year of touring in the country and abroad he graduates his Bachelor's and Master's degree in pop-guitar in NBU

Teaching Experience

From 2012 to 2016 he was teaching classical, acousitc, electric and bass guitar in the most renowned music school in Dubai - OAE - Brooklyn Melodies Music Center 


As a university student he started playing in the orchestra of the pianist Vlatko Radulov and formed the jazz quartet "Montuno". With them Krassimir participated in all forums in the country. He played for a few years in "Swing Dicksy Band - Gabrovo" with the biggest pianist, composer and arranger Manol Tsokov as a director. Through the years he has performed with: Big Band Varna with director Dimitar Andreev, the orchestras of the Bulgarian state circus and Raicho Ivanov, the bands of Emil Dimitrov and Lilly Ivanova etc. He is aslo composer, producer, manager and guitarist in the ethno formation "Balcan Horses" with whome he has participated in tens of international festivals and concerts in the country and abroad.


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