Musical Experience

His interest in music, led him to take classical guitar lessons from his middle-school music teacher Valentin Buzov. Already in high school, at the age of 15, he and some classmates formed the heavy metal band Reckoning. During the next two years, they had a large number of club gigs and attended a few larger festivals, including the school band competition - “Goliamo Mezhduchasie”.

Later, Svetlio decided to focus, mainly on the electric guitar, but without forgetting the fundamentals of classical guitar. Aside from his first band, during his high school years, he took part in other types of bands such as rock and groove metal with which they released some demo recordings. In 11th grade he is invited in the melodic death/progressive metal band Formless Reality, where his playing grew to a whole new level.

During his time at the National Academy of Music, he studied Pop and Jazz guitar, in the class of Tzvetan Nedyalkov. There, Svetlio’s interest towards  the blues deepened, and he began to explore the world of jazz guitar. He participated in a number of national and international solo guitar competitons in Sofia, Gotse Delchev and Plovdiv. At that time he joined the RockSchool team, and has been a part of it, since. Svetlio’ s musical influences vary, from classical music, jazz, rock and blues, all the way to heavy, speed, thrash and progressive metal.


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