Since when have you been involved in music and how did you decide to start?
I've been involved in music since I was 16, and I started playing drums in a band with my best friends. I started with this because they were already playing guitars and we decided it would be a very different and fun activity.

Which song do you remember most vividly from your childhood?
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy, is most strongly imprinted in my childhood memories because my father listened to it often and explained to me how much of the instrumental is entirely vocal performance.

Who are the artists you have listened to and played the most?
I mostly played songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin (drums). I am currently studying piano and I would very much like to play guitar one day. I currently listen to a wide range of styles and artists, with an emphasis on hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz.

In which musical style are you most advanced?
I would say that I have advanced the most in hip-hop instrumentals because I have always been interested in how this style draws and combines with other musical styles.

What does music give you?
Music gives me something I can't explain, I would describe it as a connection to something higher than me, a strong connection to the present moment and a loss of the idea of ​​reality.

Why did you decide to start teaching music?
I decided to start teaching because music is for sharing with people, it is our unique quality with which we arrange noises in our heads and it makes us dance or cry. I think it is one of our best qualities as a species and should continue to develop. On top of all that, I think guessing is the best way to learn. The student becomes a teacher and vice versa the teacher - a student.

What is the most important thing to learn in music?
Patience is the most important quality in music, in order to learn something - you have to take time for it.

What is RockSchool for you?
RockSchool for me is a place full of creativity and desire for development. The first time I visited it, I realized that this is the environment in which I want to spend my daily life. Music school, what's better than that?

Which music is valuable to you?
Which music is valuable to me? This is a question that has always bothered me, but at this stage I would answer music that makes me discover new and interesting elements after each listening.

What's the most extravagant thing you've heard lately?
Jacob Collier is the man who always surprises me with something new and different.

Do you have a dream related to music?
I would like to improve my skills on several types of instruments and one day have a studio where I can work all day and my days are filled with music.

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