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Why it is important to learn music?

Music is the only language that everyone in the world understands, regardless of age, culture, gender, social status and other characteristics. Music activities develop invaluable personal qualities that are useful in all spheres of life:
  • Creativity
  • Sincerity
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Emotional intelligence *
  • It has been scientifically proven that students who study music achieve 27% higher academic results
  • It is estimated that the IQ of active music learners increases by an average of 7 points
  • 9 out of 10 adults and children who play a musical instrument admit that it brings their family closer
  • The percentage of graduates in high schools where music is studied is 20% higher than in high schools where music is not studied
  • 75% of Silicon Valley executives have studied musical instruments as children
  • It has been proven that studying music achieves 15% improved endurance in sports activities

Online Lessons Information

  • Online lessons are suitable for anyone who wants to study music with our great teachers, but lives outside the cities where there is RockSchool (Sofia and Varna), or just prefers to learn from home

  • At RockSchool we have conducted over 4000 online lessons for students from Bulgaria and abroad

  • If you want to take online lessons on a musical instrument, you need to have the appropriate instrument at home

  • You need a camera, a microphone and a stable internet connection

  • One lesson lasts 55 minutes

  • Lessons are individual

  • The price of one lesson is BGN 30-40. and is paid before booking an hour. Your reservation is only active if you pay in advance for the reserved time and lesson

  • Payment can be made via PayPal (at ) or by bank transfer, using the following data:

    Company: Rockschool Ltd.

    IBAN: BG67 CECB 9790 10C30 793 00


    Subject: Online lesson

Special offers

  • If you want to make someone happy with an original, educational and inspiring gift - buy a voucher for a music lesson. Give Music!

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  • If you bring a friend to RockSchool and he becomes our student, as a token of gratitude we give you a free lesson

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  • For people in a disadvantaged or at-risk environment, we provide absolutely free lessons, as well as full scholarships for intensive music training.

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  • Запиши урок за двама ученика в един час на цена от 36 лв. Резервирай семеен урок с твоя партньор или деца в рамките на една седмица за 40 лв.

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  • Ако предплатиш 10 урока - получаваш 1 безплатен. А с годишна карта за един или два урока на седмица - спестявяш до 30% от цената на предплатените уроци.

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