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How long have you been involved in music and how did you decide to start?
I have been involved in music since I was 5 years old, and the inspiration for this is my older sister, who is also a violinist.

Which song do you remember most vividly from your childhood?
Zombie on The Cranberries

Who are the artists you have listened to and played the most?
I admire and listen to artists from different genres besides classical music, such as jazz, soul, funk, pop and rock. Among them are Aretha Frankrin and Louis Armstrong, Lisa Minnelli, Michel Camillo, BBC King, Rolling Stones, Queen, Zaz, Sia, Hugh Laurie, Bulgarian artists such as Stefan Valdobrev, PIF, Revolution Z, classical musicians such as Yasha Haifetz, Vadim Repin, Shlomo Mintz, Rubinstein, Chrysler. My repertoire includes composers and works from baroque, classicism, romanticism to contemporary compositions.

In what musical style are you most advanced?
Leading, in my performing experience, is classical music.

What does music give you?
Order, the rhythm of life, awareness, stimulus and satisfaction.

Why did you decide to start teaching music?
There is nothing more valuable and stimulating than passing on my experience and knowledge.

What is the most important thing to learn in music?
The instrument is an instrument because through it the performer expresses his inner world and becomes part of a unique vortex of vibrations.

What is RockSchool for you?
A wonderful opportunity to develop and enrich my teaching and performing skills.

Which music is valuable to you?
As a classical graduate, I would certainly say the masterful, multi-layered music. The one after which everyone who shared the experience feels enriched.

What's the most extravagant thing you've heard lately?
Milcho Leviev and his album "Destination" from 1987.

Do you have a dream related to music?
I dream of my children one day being also inspired and inspired by the boundless beauty of this art.

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