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Включи се в Четвъртото Издание на КМК Музикален Акселератор на RockSchool!

След цели три вдъхновяващи издания, отваряме нова сесия за кандидатстване за четвъртия сезон на „КМК Музикален Акселератор“! Създадохме този проект, за да подкрепим българската сцена и младите ѝ таланти, които са се захванали с нелеката задача да създават авторска музика.

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133 000+ Lessons
10 000+ Rehearsals
1200+ Birthdays
450+ Concerts
1000+ Recorded songs


RockSchool is a community of 6000+ people, consisting of a music academy, rehearsal & audio production studio in Sofia and Varna.

We offer music lessons in singing, piano, guitar, drums, bass, heavy vocals, violin, flute, accordion, bagpipes, composition, songwriting, solfeggio and studio work. We also give online lessons.

RockSchool is a project of "Music for Bulgaria" - a foundation for public benefit.

Music lessons

Music lessons develop in children and adults extremely valuable personal qualities and skills, including creativity, discipline, emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-observation, concentration, striving for improvement and others.

We offer on-site lessons and online lessons. Distance learning is an extremely effective method of teaching. It allows everyone to follow their music education no matter where they are.

Our team strives to help all people in the RockSchool community build themselves both as individuals and as musicians. We encourage our students to use music as a tool to explore the unknown in their inner world and achieve authenticity.


Our rehearsals are cozy and creative places where every group and performer are welcome to practice and improve their skills.

We have professional equipment from proven manufacturers and a competent friendly team. We also offer a recording of rehearsals.

Audio production

Have you already created an original song or an inspiring cover? The next step is to record it and produce quality. We have created a place where we do our best to achieve optimal results according to your vision and sound preferences.

We offer sound recording, mixing and mastering in combination with patience, attention to detail and love for music :))

Musical birthdays

Musical birthdays are a great way for a child to get to know music in a fun and accessible way while celebrating with their friends.

We created an opportunity for an alternative and interesting celebration, offering a great atmosphere, quality music, karaoke games, and the opportunity for children to play with our music teachers.


We are not just a school. We are a music community. We regularly organize concerts, on the stage of which students, bands, teachers and friends celebrate the inspiration that music brings.

At RockSchool, we believe that music should be played as quickly as possible. At our concerts, thousands of young musicians have already stepped on stage for the first time and have begun to gain invaluable experience in their musical journey.

Proceeds from each concert are donated to a pre-selected cause. We believe that music, above all, must bring good and be socially responsible. And with it our community.

Ремонт на електрически, акустични, класически и бас китари

Можете да разчитате на нашия екипа за качествен сетъп, почистване, смяна на струни и ако се налага - ремонт на вашия музикален инструмент! Тук сме, за да осигурим поддръжката на оптимален звук и дълъг живот за любимата ви китара.

Ако се нуждаете от нашите услуги - направете своето запитване  тук!

Social effect

RockSchool е проект на Фондация "Music for Bulgaria" . Даваме всичко от себе си, за да предоставяме възможности за развитие на все повече талантливи български артисти и да окуражаваме създаването на автентична и искрена авторска музика в България.

Support us

"Music for Bulgaria" is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and everyone who wants to develop their musical potential. Any donation goes for the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and for the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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Address: 89 Hristo Botev blvd, Sofia

Phone: +359 887 666622


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