• Melina

    Melina - Heart

    Melina is not just the creator of all of this, but also the heart of RockSchool. She always thinks how she can make the place even more beautiful and not only improve the inside environment but also the outside one, so that the local music scene can develop and new bands to be born.

  • Boyan

    Boyan - Backstage Master

    You will see Boyan in RockSchool only when he has a guitar lesson. However, he takes care of all the backstage activities - sponsors, operational processes, upgrades and optimization of activities at RockSchool, with which students, teachers, team and guests will feel even more at the right place.

  • Maria

    Maria - Community Magician

    Maria is the link in RockSchool, you can often see her split between operational duties, students, teachers, work organization, birthday parties and volunteers. She is extremely important because she works quickly and accurately and you can hardly see her sulky. In addition to all these things, somehow she finds time for playing music and singing.

  • Nedi

    Nedi - Studio Tech

    It's hard not to spot the boy with the big curly hair. This is Nedi. After his hair, you'll notice he's always smiling. Nedi is a drummer at GRIMAZE and the guy behind the board at Urban House Studio, who takes care of recording your productions.

  • Philip

    Philip - Schedule Manager

    Филип е човекът, който ще виждате в светлите часове от работното време на RockSchool. Има спокойствието на истински басист, така че може да сте сигурни, че ще се справи с всякакви ситуации, на които го подложите. Свири в групите Grimaze и Time Jugglers. Преподава също така бас в RockSchool.

  • Vankata

    Vankata - Schedule Ninja

    Ivan became part of the RockSchool family as a volunteer in January 2018. He left his work so he could contribute more to the development of the school and soon an opportuning to become part of the team came to him. Now he is involved in managing the schedules of students, teachers, volunteers and organizing events in RockSchool. Ivan has played the guitar since 2012, influenced by bands such as Aerosmith, Godsmack, Metallica, Megadeth, Guns 'N' Roses.

  • Dancho

    Dancho - Schedule Maestro

    Dancho's relationship with RockSchool began in 2014 when he first entered the school to take guitar lessons. This is where his interest in music grew stronger and he found new friends with whom he made his first band. Today, he has grown up and he contributes to the musical community by helping to manage the schedule and daily activities of the school and teaches guitar during our musical birthdays and workshops. Besides this, he has two bands, with whom he regularly rehearses and plays live shows.

  • Rosi

    Rosi - Volunteer Veteran

    Rosi is rarely NOT in RockSchool, she is one of the most dedicated volunteers, plays drums and often doesn't hear what you say. He loves metal, but listens to everything she likes without being restricted. Rosi helps with the music on birthdays, with carrying things, and with whatever shen can. She is one of the people who are always smiling and have something to tell, besides, she is often role playing as a drum teacher on children's birthday parties.

  • Adi

    Adi - Volunteer

    You will recognize Adi from he big curly hair. A psychologist by profession, communicative and searching, she is very devoted to singing, looking at it as a way to reveal her soul. She has experience as a lead vocalist in the band reSolve. She has sang with Dutch bands like TDW & Dreamwalkers inc. and Infloyd as a guest and back vocalist at concerts on a big stage. She is always able to help with a new idea, just with a smile or with chocolate. If you see her - you can touch her hair, it's lucky.

  • Krasi

    Krasi - Volunteer

    Krasi is a real artist, he likes painting, playing the electric and bass guitar. He's life revolves around music and fine arts. You can hear him playing riffs on the terrace. He listenes to metalcore, post hardcore, numetal. Krasi helps with the shopping, washing the glasses and opening the door. He also helps with children's workshops.

  • Michaela

    Michaela - Volunteer

    Michaela is a student at First English High School. She is quiet but obviously mind is not sleeping because she often shares creative ideas enriching RockSchool. It was her idea for ​​a CD player and a collection of music discs from local artists that you'll find near the sofa in the so-called reception room. Michaela helps with shopping, with the glasses in the kitchen, throwing the garbage out, cleaning the yard, draining the warehouse after unexpected floods or making The Stage in perfect conditions between rehearsals and parties. She helps with workshops in schools that we organize with teachers, movie nights and other interesting events.

  • Iliana

    Iliana - Volunteer

    Iliana does not sing, she is not a musician, but she is a meloman. A lawyer by profession, loves good and unique music. She travels around the world in search of new and inspiring music bands. With much desire and energy to contribute to the development of the music commmunity in Bulgaria, she has enriched RockSchool with interesting ideas and public relations.

  • Todor

    Todor - Volunteer

    Todor is a volunteer, a programmer by profession and a meloman in heart. He is a student is in RockSchool and plays drums.. or at least tries. Teodor listens to a variety of music styles from soul and jazz through metal to D'n'B and Jungle. He helps in the daily tasks of the team in the school, with organizing music workshops, etc. Smiling, looking for new challenges and emotions, Todor believes in RockSchool's idea that music makes people better.

  • Nicolás

    Nicolás - Volunteer

    Niki is a volunteer at RockSchool and helps with everyday work and projects. He is a lawyer but in his free time he actively plays the drums. He likes listening to heavy and industrial music and is a drummer in the band Pepper Roasters where he plays alternative.