Individual lessons

Individual lessons in songwriting are determined according to level achieved by the student and by what he/she aims to accomplish. The road towards music has to be easy and nice, that is why the lessons are both fun and educating. The students work on developing basic knowledge in writing text and melody. They also study the structures of musical works in different styles, the creative processes are being stimulated and they constantly improvise It is possible to be worked on specific ideas or on already developed songs.

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  • Every lesson lasts 55 minutes
  • It is up to the students how often they choose to take lessons
  • Individual lessons are given every day(including Saturday and Sunday) from 09:00 to 22:00 by Ilko Birov, Plamen Petrov
  • If you cannot make it for a lesson that has already been booked and fail to call one day in advance, you must pay for the lesson
  • We also offer gift certificates
  • Online lesson is an option

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