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Rockschool is a space that promotes the creative culture and the creation of a cohesive music community. We decided to integrate other great projects, ideas, and places as partners and offer special privileges and opportunities to all people in our RockSchool community. To receive a discount card, you must be our student and have taken at least 5 lessons with us. Our partners so far:

  • Music Division - up to 15% discount

    We've been together with the Music Division almost from the beginning. We are united by the desire to support music, musicians and the development of the Bulgarian scene. Apart from the fact that their team works very professionally, the wonderful people from Music Division always assist us in repairing equipment, advice on buying equipment, discounts. They are always very kind, positive and smiling, and on top of that we managed to organize several educational events together on different musical instruments.

  • Clandestino - 20% discount

    "Clandestino" are the glasses you want to wear on stage. The models are also handmade from wood. On the Clandestino website you can see the different designs.

  • - 15% discount

    Another wonderful store for musical instruments and equipment with a professional and friendly team. The discount is valid for goods outside promotion or liquidation.

  • Vintage House - 10% discount

    We stay on the wave of clothes and fashion, but we switch to vintage wool. Vintage House is a boutique that is more for the female part of you (or for the male if he wants to make a gift). If you are in the vintage style or you just need a dress that is not like everyone else - this is your place. The store physically operates in Varna, but you can order everything through their Facebook page.

  • Youth theater “Nikolay Binev” - 30% discount

    The theater is another wonderful art, so we encourage you to watch more productions. Follow the program and do not miss the great events.

  • Gelateria Naturale - 20% subscription

    The only better thing than ice cream is quality artisanal ice cream. Gelateria Naturale offers just such - without preservatives, without dyes and without low-quality fats. Winter is coming, but the ice cream they offer is completely adapted for the season and most importantly - they bring it to your door.

  • - album/band review

    "PodMosta" started several years ago as an unpretentious site that wanted to reflect in an exciting way the more interesting things in the cultural sector. Today, it is one of the most widely read indie and alternative media for art and culture. If you have an original song that you have recorded or an album - they are ready to show it to their audience.

  • Terminal 1 -free entrance on Fridays

    Terminal 1 is one of the places that does not need a long presentation. One of the most popular clubs in Sofia, where the music is always quality and the party is guaranteed. You now have free access to Terminal 1 every Friday. See you there!

  • RockIT - 15% bar discount

    Keep reading only if you are over 18! RockIT is a bar where, by default, rock is revered. The bar is open for you with a 15% discount, good music and friendly staff.

  • The Stage

    The Stage is part of the Music for Bulgaria Foundation, as well as RockSchool. The Stage is a stage for love of art and there we hold concerts, rehearsals, workshops, seminars, discussions, trainings, thematic gatherings and any other events that would help develop and enrich the local culture and scene. We also offer rental equipment.

  • America for Bulgaria

    The "America for Bulgaria" Foundation believed in our ideas and supported us so that we would have the opportunity to implement two projects that we had been preparing for a long time:

    1) Scholarship program – - We have created a scholarship program for music education, in which after a preliminary competition 10 people get the opportunity to touch the world of music, providing them with 6 months of free music lessons and free rehearsals.

    2) Start a music career – - We have created a program "Start a music career", in which 12 young Bulgarian bands and music projects will receive a professional studio recording of their song. We also help them promote themselves using our partner network of media.

  • National Network for Children

    We believe that every child should receive support in realizing their dreams and desires, to express their opinions freely and to participate fully in decision-making concerning their lives. That is why at RockSchool we are developing a Volunteer Program, enabling children and young people to participate fully in the development of the organization. We provide free lessons and opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth and support a wide range of social educational causes. We participated in an exhibition organized by the National Network for Children and decided to support joint activities to support the realization and development of children and youth.

  • Agapedia-Bulgaria Foundation

    The team of the Agapedia-Bulgaria Foundation believes that children deprived of parental care are as valuable as anyone else on this Earth. They work hard to reach children and provide them with opportunities they are deprived of - to learn and be accepted, to be what they can be, laying down and developing their personal talent. At RockSchool we support their cause and we would like to give more children the opportunity to touch and develop in the field of music arts. We see music as a universal language through which people can communicate freely without their differences being an obstacle. That is why we provide conditions for children from the Family-type Accommodation Center at Agapedia to attend weekly lessons on selected instruments at RockSchool. The lessons are free for the children, and they respond to us with lots of smiles, inspiration, good mood and love.

  • "Reach 4 Change" Foundation

    "See Through Music" is an adapted music education program for children and youths with impaired vision. The project is a winner of "The Change 2018/2019" - the largest socially responsible initiative of Nova Broadcasting Group and “Reach 4 Change” Foundation.

    The project provides a full scholarship program for the music education of 19 visually impaired children and youths, specialized gear, and tutor training.

  • ING

    ING Bank is one of the first international banks in Bulgaria. Since opening in 1994, they have built a solid base of corporate and institutional clients. The company donated 6 computers, which are used by students and scholars of RockSchool, for which we are infinitely grateful!

  • Програма "Култура" към Столична Община

    RockSchool works successfully with the Directive "Culture" of Sofia Municipality and their programs for the development of the cultural sector in the city. In the current years, with their support, we have realized 2 editions of the project for "One song distance" and have set the basics of the annual initiative "Make Music Day".

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"Music for Bulgaria" is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and everyone who wants to develop their musical potential. Any donation goes for the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and for the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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